The Wonderful Wonder Boy

Dec 30 , 2007 | Posted by: Andrea Zonn | 88206 Comments

Life comes at you fast sometimes.  Even when you think it’s taking forever.


I never thought I’d be blessed with a child.  And yet here he is, precious Leonard.  And time is racing by, just like ...

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Oct 3 , 2007 | Posted by: Andrea Zonn | 87289 Comments
Any minute now. Or any day now. Could be another week. I wonder when this baby is going to make his way out of the womb? Surely, it’s got to be soon. I’m considering sitting naked on a big red neon exit sign. Or maybe I could shine a ...
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The Grip I Lost

May 30 , 2007 | Posted by: Andrea Zonn | 50511 Comments
Once upon a time, I never accepted help from anyone. I hated the thought of putting anyone out. Hated the thought that I wasn’t self-sufficient, that I wasn’t Wonder Woman. And hated the idea that I might want to reciprocate, but what if you ...
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Beginnings and Endings

May 17 , 2007 | Posted by: Andrea Zonn | 17452 Comments
Okay. For those of you who don’t already know, sit down.

This past Sunday was my first real Mother’s Day. For humans anyway. Well, almost.

Tuesday, I had my 20-week ultrasound and learned that we’re having a little boy, ...
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Little Boy Lost

Apr 19 , 2007 | Posted by: Andrea Zonn | 27699 Comments
What happens in a young man’s life that would remove all sense of compassion and hopefulness? How, at 23 years of age, can one become so jaded and disconnected that he could perform such an abhorrent, dreadful act as that of Cho?

This ...
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Celtic Connections, and new beginnings

Jan 22 , 2007 | Posted by: Andrea Zonn | 36362 Comments
Happy 2007. We’re already nearly at month’s end, but the newness of the season still fills the air and my spirits.

I just returned from Glasgow, Scotland last night. Somehow, I always seem to come down with a cold when I get home. I ...
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