Little Boy Lost

Apr 19 | Posted by: Andrea Zonn |
What happens in a young man’s life that would remove all sense of compassion and hopefulness? How, at 23 years of age, can one become so jaded and disconnected that he could perform such an abhorrent, dreadful act as that of Cho?

This week’s horrendous shooting rampage at Virginia Tech has etched a permanent wound in so many hearts. Not only of those directly involved, but within those of us who continue to hope for a more peaceful world.

As a minister, and as an expectant mother, and especially as a human being, you can’t convince me that babies come into this world with an evil heart. The way I see it, they’ve just been delivered into the world from their Perfect Creator, God himself, who is incapable of creating anything imperfect.

So at some point, the ego-driven humanness enters in. For all of us, I think the challenge lies in being aware of the things that keep us separate, from one another, and moreover, from God. Sure, it’s a challenge. None of us get out of this life unscathed. We all have our stories of heartbreak and disappointment.

But what happened in that young man’s life to occlude any sense of connection? Who dropped the ball?

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